TorGuard VPN Review

torguard vpn reviewTorGuard is a company that is premised on providing VPN services that guarantee total online anonymity for its users while they use bittorrent to share files. The company is based out of Panama and offers a compelling VPN package. TorGuard doesn’t retain customer logs for their online activities and provides a strong core performance, although it is somewhat tarnished by lackluster execution. Nonetheless, the company delivers the major objectives in a professional way.

Features and Plans

TorGuard offers three pricing plans, although reading the details from the main website can be confusing at first. The plans include:

Anonymous Bittorrent Proxy – Offered at $5.95 per month, this package typifies the core company’s service objective. It is specially designed to allow users file-share anonymously using bittorrent clients. It comes with a bittorrent IP, unlimited bandwidth and transfer speeds. What’s more, it supports multiple platforms.

Anonymous VPN – Offered at $9.95 per month, the Anonymous VPN package provides users with access to the company’s VPN server network located in nine countries, most of them in Europe. Users also enjoy the security of 256-bit encryption on OpenVPN protocol. You can try out the service free of charge for a limited period of 24 hours or a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Torrent VPN Service – This service is priced at $4.99 and comes with an anonymous torrent IP and unlimited bandwidth. It’s easy to setup on all operating systems and you don’t need to install any client software.

Security and Privacy

TorGuard scores very high points when it comes to security and privacy. For starters, the company doesn’t take online privacy lightly and that’s why they d not store user activity logs. The company is based in Panama, a country with arguably the best-protected cyber laws.

OpenVPN protocol is offered as a standard with 256-bit encryption, which is one of the things that give this company high marks.

However, on the security front, the company requests for personal information when signing up for the first time. But since they would have no logs to give to authorities if a court order is issued, this shouldn’t be a major worry.

Server Locations

TorGuard doesn’t disclose the number of servers they have but their network spans nine countries including the US, New Zealand, Canada, and several European countries. Since there are no speed and bandwidth limitations, users can freely switch between servers in different countries as it suits them.

Customer Support

TorGuard offers a ticket based customer support system, along with live chat. The company website looks neat and easy to navigate. The three packages are clearly laid out with a breakdown of what each service offers. There’s a Member’s only area where registered users can access all key features.

Summary of Pros and Cons

TorGuard is strong on security and privacy, and also boasts of good customer support. It’s connection speeds are fast. It also offers a free anonymous email and adequate setup information.

However, on the downside, the company requires too much personal details at registration that it can be cause some users to get skeptical.

Overall, Torguard is a solid VPN particularly for privacy conscious users.


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