ExpressVPN Review

expressvpn reviewHow can you choose the best VPN service from the multitude of providers available today? Moreover, every user is driven by a different need; some users simply want privacy and anonymity while others prefer security. There are also users that subscribe to a VPN service in order to be able to unblock censored websites. While most VPN providers offer all the aforementioned services, some providers specialize in a few. Generally, the best providers tend to offer a combination of all basic features plus some advanced services to make for better customer experience.

ExpressVPN is one of those providers that have been around for a while, offering quality VPN solutions and affordable prices. But is this the service you’ve been looking for?

Packages and Plans

ExpressVPN caters to different types of VPN users through its three pricing plans. The monthly plan offered at $12.95 is for users that need a VPN for a limited period that doesn’t exceed 30 days. The six months plan is offered at $59.95 while the yearly plan is offered at $99.95 and it offers the best value for money if you want long-term usage.

The service allows users the freedom of cancelling their subscription at any time, on top of the 30-day money back guarantee that comes with every pricing plan.

Server Information

ExpressVPN has a number of VPN servers in several worldwide locations including the US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong, and Germany. The best part is that you can switch between any number of servers in the different locations. Many other providers don’t provide this level of flexibility.

Access to ExpressVPN servers gives you a new IP address that enables you to bypass censored websites as well as protect you from online stalkers.

Security and Privacy

When you subscribe to ExpressVPN, you can choose between PPTP and the standard OpenVPN protocol. PPTP protocol offers basic encryption that protects your data when using a home computer or mobile device, for instance. However, OpenVPN provides more robust data protection through enhanced encryption standards.

ExpressVPN offers OpenVPN by default on all new user accounts. Users are provided with client software to install and setup the OpenVPN account. If you need somewhat downgraded security and easy setup of the VPN connection, PPTP is the more ideal protocol in that case.

Note that ExpressVPN doesn’t offer total online privacy because the company keeps user logs and has the right to hand them over to a third-party in compliance with US laws.

Customer Service

ExpressVPN offers a couple of alternatives for customer support including live chat, phone, email, and a ticket system. However, many users have issues with the general service and their responsiveness. That said, this is still a growing company compared to some big rivals and there’s room for improvement.

Overall, ExpressVPN performs well on the basic VPN services but it still lacks extra features that pull customers. Also, if privacy is a big deal, you might reconsider subscribing to this service because they maintain activity logs for every user.


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